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About Ashbusters Knoxville – Who We Are & How We Are Uniquely Equipped To Serve You

Ashbusters Chimney Service was founded in the Nashville area in 1985. Founder, Mark Stoner, set out to do things differently, by requiring a higher level of professionalism and training from each and every one of his employees – and setting a new standard for customer service.

Timothy Kneller, a chimney professional who shares that same passion for professionalism and customer service, joined Ashbusters and extended that award-winning service to the East TN area – cue the birth of Ashbusters Knoxville.

Why Can You Trust Us?

Why can you feel good about calling on Ashbusters Knoxville for all of your chimney sweep services and fireplace repairs and needs?


We’re full-service.

We are a full-service niche construction company specializing in chimneys. We have years of experience handling a wide array of chimney challenges and needs, and we are happy to provide our neighbors in Knoxville and the surrounding areas with the very best level of service possible.


We’re people you can place your confidence in.

Every employee at Ashbusters is drug-tested, background- checked, and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) for your safety, comfort, and peace of mind. No learning on the job. No showing up late with blood-shot eyes. Just good people with good hearts providing good service.


We’re clean and we take great care of your home.

One thing our customers love about us is our commitment to cleanliness and home care. We use the most powerful HEPA vacuum systems to capture and contain any soot or other deposits we remove from the chimney. We also make good use of drop cloths, foot covers, and an array of other systems to help keep your home as clean as possible throughout the job.

Chimney work can be messy, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable and protected the entire time we’re working in or on your home – guaranteed.


We’re educated and experienced.

Education is key to growth, which is why we maintain memberships with industry-leading associations, undergo certification with the industry’s top educator, and continuously train and add to our knowledge. Our qualifications, associations, and memberships include the following:

Reach Out Today

If you have any questions about Ashbusters, the services we offer, or what you can expect when we’re in your home, simply give us a call at 865-470-6117 or reach out to us on our website. We’re happy to help!


We invite you to contact us for all your chimney and dryer vent needs. You can count on Ashbusters Chimney Service to make your chimney and dryer systems safer to use year after year.