Take A Good Look At Your Fireplace — Is It Time For A Facelift?

You’ve painted the walls a fresh color and put so much time and thought into the furniture, the rug, and the décor, but the vibe you’re going for is never fully achieved because of your old, outdated, unattractive fireplace.

That doesn’t have to be your reality.

Your home is an extension of yourself, and your personality can be seen throughout. Why should your fireplace be any different? With the help of the skilled fireplace facelifters here at Ashbusters Chimney Service of Knoxville, you can have that beautiful, on-trend fireplace you’ve been wishing for quickly, and with a reasonable price tag.

What Are The Best Fireplace Face Materials?

One great thing about a fireplace facelift is that there are so many beautiful materials that can be used to achieve the look and style you crave. Not only do we have multiple materials to choose from, but we also have multiple colors, textures, and patterns. Here are some of the top choices for fireplace facelifts and what you need to know about each:

  • Tile — Tile is quite possibly the most customizable option, because it’s available in so many different colors, shapes, and textures, and it can be placed in so many different patterns and designs. If you want a clean look and color that will really make your fireplace pop or you have a specific pattern or design in mind, tile may be the best option for you.
  • Stone/cultured stone — Like tile, stone and cultured stone provide many different color, pattern, and placement options, helping you achieve just about any look you’re going for. Love the look of marble? What about granite, limestone, or slate? Whether your style preference is modern or classic, stone can be a great fit. If you love the look of stone but you’re looking for something a little more affordable or you need something that’s lighter in weight for structural and support reasons, consider cultured stone. This is essentially a man-made stone that comes in a multitude of colors and textures (over 100!). It’s lightweight, affordable, and typically readily available, so you can have your cake and eat it, too!
  • Cast concrete — Want something solid and durable that can be ordered in a specific size or shape? Cast concrete is a great option. Options include multiple colors, textures, and finishes, so you can still customize your fireplace face to fit your style and décor. However, like brick and natural stone, cast concrete is heavier than some of the other options, so weight limits should be considered before choosing cast concrete.
  • Metal — If your home has more of a contemporary modern style, you may want to use a super sleek material, like metal, for your fireplace facing. Metal comes in a variety of colors and finishes, and can provide a simple, unobtrusive look you’ll love.
  • Brick — We’d be crazy not to mention brick, one of the most popular fireplace facing materials out there. But choosing brick doesn’t have to mean going the “traditional” route. Brick comes in many colors and can be placed in many different creative ways to achieve a variety of looks. Like stone and cast concrete, however, if you choose brick, you do need to consider weight and whether or not you have the structural support needed.

When Is The Best Time To Have Fireplace Facelift Work Done?

While we can perform a fireplace facelift anytime, many clients prefer to have the work done when they’re upgrading or altering the fireplace or chimney in some way. Here are some scenarios when it might make sense for you to go ahead and transform your whole fireplace (and your whole room!) with a fireplace facelift:

#1 When you’re replacing your factory-built fireplace

If your fireplace was added in the last 40 years, chances are it’s a factory-built or prefabricated fireplace. These types of fireplaces aren’t made to last as long as masonry fireplaces, and different components can break down or wear out. When this happens, the efficiency and safety of the appliance is decreased, and a replacement is necessary.

If you have an old, outdated, worn down factory-built fireplace, we can replace it, updating the fireplace facing at the same time. What will you be left with? A fireplace that works like new and looks like new!

Why reface your fireplace when replacing your factory-built fireplace?

Many times, the factory-built fireplace is attached to the fireplace facing, which means that when it’s removed, it takes some of that facing with it. That’s why it’s the perfect time to take a good, hard look at your fireplace face and ask yourself, “Is this really the look I’m going for?”

If the answer is no, a fireplace facelift can be just what the doctor ordered.

#2 When you’re relining your flue

Another great time to schedule fireplace facelift work is when you’re having your flue relined. We’re already going to be up close and personal when we’re tearing out old flue tiles, so why not give your fireplace new life on the outside, too?

You’ll not only have a safer, more efficient chimney system — you’ll also have a more attractive fireplace, one that enhances the entire living space.

Is A Fireplace Facelift In Your Future? Give Us A Call!

If you think a fireplace facelift may be in your near future and you’d like to discuss your ideas with us or see some examples of work we’ve done, simply give us a call at 865-470-6117 or request an appointment online.

We’ve helped many of our neighbors here in the greater Knoxville area transform their fireplaces and living spaces with our expert fireplace facelift work. We’d be more than happy to help with your decision and design — and of course, when you work with us, you can be confident the results will be just what you envisioned!


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