Are bad chimney odors causing your home to stink and your family members to feel uncomfortable? These smells can seep into your rugs, carpet, curtains, furniture, and more, and they turn a happy, cozy fireplace experience into an unpleasant one in no time. Fortunately, the team here Ashbusters girl smelling foul chimney odorChimney Service can identify the cause of your chimney odors, then provide you with the tools and services you need to remove them.

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One of the biggest reasons fireplaces stink up a home is due to excess creosote deposits. Creosote forms in your flue as you burn fires and, unfortunately, it has a really unpleasant odor. Every time air from your chimney gets into your home, it’s gonna bring in that creosote smell with it, leaving you with an aesthetic that is less than ideal.

So, how could we resolve this issue? Well, a thorough cleaning is a great start. Getting rid of all that creosote not only minimizes the bad odors entering your home, it also keeps your household safer! You see, creosote is highly flammable, so the more you have of it, the higher your chances are of experiencing a chimney fire. These cause significant damage to your structure, making it very unsafe to light fires.

As we said, a chimney sweeping will do a lot when it comes to creosote-related smells, but there are things you can do, as well, to ensure this substance doesn’t accumulate as quickly. Make sure you are only burning seasoned wood in your fireplace (no wet logs, garbage, plastic, or anything else), and it is also important to ensure your air supply isn’t restricted. It is also suggested to warm the flue beforehand and make certain your fires are burning nice and hot.

All in all, a few easy steps and a call to our team could be all you need to turn creosote troubles into a thing of the past. Keep your home smelling fresher and cleaner by reaching out today.


If strong winds are forcing their way down your chimney and into your home, they’re bound to bring in some pretty bad odors with them. Fortunately, there are ways to keep these drafts in check. First things first, make certain you have a strong, sturdy chimney cap installed. Chimney caps cover the opening of your chimney, thus stopping winds from swooping through and bringing in nasty smells with them. They also prevent water from entering, as well as animals and all kinds of debris – a smart investment, for sure.

It would also be wise to invest in a top-sealing damper. These will work alongside your chimney cap to keep those downdrafts out for good – the more barriers you have in place, the better!

Other times, downdrafts and poor airflow is more of a construction problem, in which case some professional care will be necessary. Your chimney height may need to be adjusted or the proportions may be off. All in all, getting an expert’s eye on things will take you far, and our sweeps are trained and qualified to find any problems you may be experiencing.


Water in your chimney breaks down your masonry in a hurry, and it causes all kinds of other damage like molding, rotting, rusting, stains, and more. Along with all this, some bad, musty smells can find their way into your home, giving your living space a less than desirable aroma of moist creosote and old wet leaves.

This is another case where an in-depth sweeping will do you a lot of good, and we can ensure appropriate preventative devices are in place to keep these things out for the long haul. The leak and water protection you deserve is available through our team – call today!


The strong, sturdy walls of your chimney offer many birds and woodland critters an ideal spot to build nests and have babies, but it’s an unfortunate fact that these critters often get stuck and never find their way out. If you have creatures that have passed away in your chimney, this could be the reason behind some bad smells entering your home from the fireplace.

Or, if they’re alive, but leaving urine and feces all throughout your structure, this will create bad odors, too. This is why we always recommend a chimney cap with protected sides be installed on top of a chimney. Some animals cannot be removed as they are federally protected, so make sure you hire a CSIA certified sweep as they will know what animals can be legally removed. We have the experience and knowledge to help you deal with critters in your chimney. Count on the Ashbusters team for it all.

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