If you have a fireplace in your home, then you’ve probably heard it a hundred times… Be sure to schedule an annual inspection! Many are well aware that this maintenance is important, but most don’t actually know why. Fortunately, the educated team of CSIA certified sweeps here at Ashbusters Knoxville is here to provide you with all of the information you’re looking for. Learn more below, then get your inspection scheduled with our crew today. We’re happy to help with all of your fireplace and chimney-related needs!

Avoiding Creosote Accumulationchimney with cap, flashing and red brick

One of the biggest reasons annual inspections are so vital is so the sweep can search for excess creosote deposits throughout the flue. What is creosote? Well, it’s a dark substance that forms as you burn fires in your fireplace, and its flammable nature makes it very threatening to the health of your system. It comes in a few forms – flaky, sticky, or hard and glossy. While hard and glossy is the hardest to remove, each type is dangerous and needs to be professionally removed from time to time.

What happens if your creosote ignites? A chimney fire. Chimney fires are dangerous because they can go undetected by the homeowner and damage the interior of the chimney. As the flames spread slowly throughout the chimney, your brickwork, liner, metal components, and more will break down. To make matters worse, these typically quiet events usually occur without the homeowner even realizing it!

If a person doesn’t know that their system is damaged, and thus continue using it, they face a lot of serious risks. They’ll be more prone to smoke and carbon monoxide backing up into their home, and the heat and flames could easily escape through any cracks and start adjacent woodwork on fire. This is another reason why hiring an expert to look things over once a year is so important! If serious issues are present, the sweep can spot them, then offer advice on the next best steps to take.

All in all, if dangerous levels of creosote are present, a sweeping will be necessary to get your system running as safely and as efficiently as possible again. Our experts can do it all, so give us a call to look things over right away. We’ve got your back!

Spotting Dangerous Damages

Another big reason to have an annual inspection completed is to ensure any damages are spotted and addressed. If you have any cracks, holes, or deterioration throughout your masonry, getting things patched up promptly is the best way to avoid further issues down the line. Not to mention, operating a fireplace that has damages of this nature is very dangerous! As we mentioned earlier, these gaps and openings give smoke, carbon monoxide, and other harmful fumes easy access to your living space, putting both your home and family at risk.

You could also have water damage that needs to be repaired. This could come in the form of rusted metal components, crumbling mortar, a deteriorating crown, rotting woodwork near the chimney, mold accumulation, and more. Moisture could also get absorbed into your brickwork and start wreaking havoc throughout your masonry, too. All in all, this is one issue that needs to be stopped quickly, and the longer things go unaddressed the worse off you’ll be. Avoid expensive repair work and time-consuming home construction jobs by letting our sweeps take a look today.

Eliminating Clogs & Obstructions

Have you been having problems with draft and airflow? You could have something stuck in your chimney! Birds, squirrels, and other little critters like to nest in open flues, as they offer warmth, comfort, and protection from predators. Their nesting materials can cause some big problems for you though. Your system won’t be able to properly ventilate, sending smoke and fumes back into your living space, and all that flammable material can make you more at risk of experiencing a chimney fire.

By getting an expert’s eye on the job, you help guarantee there will be no obstructions in your flue when you go to light a fire on one of these chilly winter nights. The team here at Ashbusters is equipped to help you with it all, and we can even set you up with preventative equipment, like a chimney cap or top-sealing damper, to ensure you don’t face these same issues again down the line.

You Deserve The Best Care Possible

Ashbusters Chimney Services is both licensed and insured, and our sweeps get extensive training through esteemed organizations such as the CSIA and the NCSG to ensure we truly know it all when it comes to your fireplace and chimney. We’re a team you can feel good about hiring, and our long list of positive reviews show that we consistently provide the top-notch, high-quality care you deserve.

Ready to ensure your system is in the best shape possible for the rest of winter? Then, schedule your annual inspection with us today. We offer level 1, 2 and 3 inspections, so you are sure to get the care you need, no matter what state your chimney is in. Not sure where to start? We can help you out – just give us a call! We’re happy to guide you through every step of the process.

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