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Our Custom Chimney Caps Offer Superior Protection

In the wonderful state of Tennessee, the various forces of nature know no bounds. From the rolling hills of the countryside to the bustling cities, we experience severe storms and erratic weather just about all year long – and many of the time, without warning.

Relentless rain that drenches our landscapes and floods low lying creeks and roadways… Strong winds that whip against our homes and send tree branches flying… Heavy snowfall that builds up and weighs down our lawns and homes… All of these can cause a lot of damage to your chimney, especially if one important component is missing: the chimney cap.

If you’re in need of a new chimney cap – or are wondering what type of cap would best suit your home – we’ve got you covered. Give us a call or schedule something online with our technicians today.

Before and after large chimney cap installed chimney is made of stone the roof is metal and there is a lake in background

What Is a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are metal covers that fit over the chimney flue, and while they’re small, they have a big job to do. Caps prevent rain, snow, sleet, hail – and even birds and animals – from entering the chimney.

If any of these are allowed into the chimney because of a missing chimney cap, they can do a lot of damage. What kind of damage?

Moisture from rain and snow can:

  • rust metal components in the chimney, like the firebox, the damper, or a metal chimney liner
  • wear down flue tiles, causing them to crack, flake, and break apart
  • compromise the structural integrity of your chimney
  • lead to water-damaged walls and ceilings near the chimney and wood rot in the attic

Birds and animals can:

  • build flammable nests inside the chimney, causing a flash fire when you use your fireplace
  • block the flue, leading to carbon monoxide and smoke concerns
  • bring in feces, bugs, and other things you don’t want that close to your living space
  • be disruptive, and if they get stuck inside your chimney, they could die and create a terrible odor

Do You Really Need a Chimney Cap?

Truth is, every chimney – whether it’s used or not, masonry or metal – needs a chimney cap. Not only will a cap provide protection against moisture, woodland critters, and birds, but it can extend the life of your chimney and keep your home in great shape.

Moreover, in the event of a chimney fire, a chimney cap can also help contain the sparks and embers, preventing them from escaping and igniting nearby trees or structures.

So, if a strong storm has removed your chimney cap or you can’t remember if your chimney ever had one, give us a call or reach out online. Ashbusters Chimney Service of Knoxville is happy to inspect your chimney for any damage that may have occurred due to a missing chimney cap and make sure your new cap is perfectly fitted for ultimate protection.

Before and after of rectangular chimney cap install with solar panels on roof and beautiful clouds
Chimney cap and venting system install and a picture of house.
Before and after pictures of chimney cap installations in Tellico Plains with stone chimneys one rectangle and one round cap

Do Chimney Caps Keep Birds Out?

Yes, chimney caps keep just about everything with wings and fur out of your chimney, including but not limited to, bats, wasps, birds, squirrels, and racoons.

All that said, there’s one bird in particular you need to be cautious of, not because it’s a threat, but because it’s federally protected – the chimney swift.

Chimney swifts frequently nests in chimneys and sometimes returns to the same chimney, year after year. These small, agile birds are often mistaken for nuisances due to their habit of nesting in chimneys, and their nests are made of twigs and saliva that can obstruct the flue. Yet, they actually play a crucial role in our ecosystem. Chimney swifts feed on flying insects like mosquitoes and other pests, which help control insect populations.

Because of their declining population, they are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in the United States. So, if you have chimney swifts in your chimney, you have to wait for them to leave before you can remove the nest and check for damage.

Not exactly ideal, is it? But don’t worry: a small investment in a quality chimney cap can protect you against the frustration of having a family of birds living with you for months on end. Call us in now or reach out online to get your new cap installed as soon as possible.

Does a Chimney Cap Affect Draft?

Draft, in the context of chimneys, refers to the upward flow of air that carries the smoke and harmful gases out of your home. Downdrafts, on the other hand, occur when the normal flow of air is disrupted and reversed, forcing the smoke and harmful gases back into your home. Most of the time, downdrafts are caused by strong winds.

Did you know a chimney cap can help prevent downdrafts? By creating a protective barrier against the elements, including strong winds, chimney caps help maintain the normal flow of air. This, in turn, reduces the chances that you’ll experience any disruptions or fluctuations in indoor air temperature or quality.

Enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire without the worry of smoke and other things interrupting an otherwise peaceful night. Ask us about your new chimney cap today.

Do Chimney Caps Leak?

Chimney caps shouldn’t leak. In fact, they are actually specifically designed to prevent leaks, especially from rainwater. As long as the chimney cap is properly installed and maintained regularly by a professional, it should serve as an effective barrier against water intrusion. Chimney caps are designed to have a sloped or peaked structure so that all rainwater is diverted away from the chimney to keep it from entering the flue.

Considering the comprehensive protection chimney caps offer against rain, debris, animals, and downdrafts, it’s no wonder we consider the chimney cap an indispensable component of your chimney system. If you don’t have one or if the one you have isn’t working for you, give Ashbusters Chimney Service of Knoxville a call and get on the schedule today.

No Matter What Type of Chimney Cap You Need or Want, We Can Make It

Chimneys differ in size, style, and design, as do the homes they’re an extension of. That’s why what might look great or work well on one home, may not be the best choice for another.

No need to worry, though! We build custom chimney caps in an array of designs and styles. Whether you have a single or multi-flue chimney, we can create the perfect cap for you and have it installed properly and professionally in no time.

We’ve been installing chimney caps in Tennessee for over 30 years, so we know how to build and install one that will last, storm after storm, year after year. When we’re done, you’ll be able to cross one more thing off your list of worries, because our team is here to ensure your chimney is protected against leaks and fuzzy or furry intruders all year round.

Call Today to Have Your Chimney Fitted

To have an experienced and trained professional come out to look at your chimney and fit it for a cap, call Ashbusters Chimney Service of Knoxville at 865-290-2968 or reach out to us here on our website. We’re here to help — whether you’re in the heart of Knoxville or over in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas — and we’ll build you a cap that fits your chimney and your aesthetic.


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