Have A Chimney Leak? Ashbusters Knoxville Can Fix It Fast & Save You Money & Frustration!

A leak is one of the worst things that can happen to your chimney — but the real damage happens if that leak is ignored.

Over time, water can deteriorate brick and mortar portions of your chimney and cause metal components in you fireplace and chimney to rust. Masonry repairs can be costly if the damage is extensive, and metal components can be expensive to replace, so you obviously want to put a stop to leaks ASAP.

Of course, water from a chimney leak can also damage areas outside of your chimney and fireplace. For example, the walls, ceilings, and attic surrounding your chimney can become water-damaged.

Water is pulled down from the leak into the surrounding walls, ceilings, and attic space causing wood rot and mold growth. And if you thought leak repair was expensive, you should look at the cost of mold remediation in attics!

The bottom line is: when it comes to a chimney leak, the sooner you act, the better — for your chimney, your home, and your wallet.

How Do You Know You Have A Chimney Leak & What Should You Do If You Suspect One?

Chimney leaks aren’t always obvious. Sometimes they can look more like roof leaks or remain unseen until they’re really bad. However, there are typically some tell-tale signs of a leak:

  • ​You smell moisture or mold near your chimney
  • You spot water in your fireplace
  • Walls and/or ceilings near your chimney are discolored or water-damaged
  • Your attic has wood rot or mold growing in it
  • You hear dripping sounds in your fireplace during a rainstorm
  • You see water running down a wall or ceiling near your chimney

If you suspect a leak, skip the roofer and call a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney professional. Roofers don’t know what to look for with a chimney leak, but we do. Which means we can confirm where the problem is quickly and find a solution fast.

What Causes Chimneys To Leak?

Chimney leaks can spring up for several reasons.

  1. Your flashing may be failing.
  2. Your chimney cap may be missing or damaged.
  3. Your crown may need to be repaired or your chase cover replaced.
  4. Your brick chimney stack may be damaged and absorbing excess water.

If any of the above are to blame, we can help.

How Do You Fix & Prevent Chimney Leaks?

Chimney leak fixes will vary depending on what’s causing the leak in the first place. However, our team is experienced and capable of making any necessary repairs. We specialize in flashing repairs/installation/sealing, chimney cap installation, crown repairs, chase cover replacement, and brick and masonry repairs. We also waterproof chimneys for years of protection against masonry damage and leaks.

Chimney cap installation in with tech and beautiful layered chimney custom cap lake in the background Tellico Village tn

Of course, there are also some simple things you can do to prevent chimney leaks, like the following:

  1. Keep your gutters clean and check your downspouts. When gutters are dirty or clogged with leaves, water can hang out inside of them instead of running down and away from the home. Likewise, if downspout terminations are in improper places, water could be draining onto the chimney base.
  2. Trim back any trees or bushes near your chimney. It may not seem like much, but water and dew that gathers on trees, bushes, and shrubs can drip down onto the chimney and cause masonry damage. And damaged masonry will always wick in more moisture than masonry that’s in good condition.
  3. Watch where you put your sprinkler. Sprinklers are great for watering your lawn and your garden, but make sure that you’re not watering your chimney as well. Exposure to excess moisture can cause masonry damage and chimney leaks over time.

Call Today For Leak Repair & Leak Prevention You Can Trust

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To see what happens when a chimney leak isn’t addressed in a timely manner, check out Chimneys Gone Wild and then call our chimney repair professionals to fix your chimney problem today!