Concerned there’s a leak in your chimney? A bit of water here and there may not seem like a huge deal, but when it comes to your brickwork, mortar, and chimney components, a little moisture can actually lead to some really big problems. Along with this, a small leak can be a sign that bigger issues are rooftop with chimneyoccurring somewhere out of sight, and it likely won’t be long before you have a large, costly mess on your hands.

All in all, knowing the signs of water damage and what steps to take to resolve and prevent moisture-related issues is a must when it comes to maintaining your chimney and fireplace. Here at Ashbusters Chimney Services, we are eager to help you out with it all.

Look For Stains

Now, one clear indication that you have leaks is the presence of stains on the walls and ceilings near your chimney. These could be in your attic or even in your living areas, but no matter what they’re always a sign that you need some professional care. Somewhere throughout your structure water is getting easy access to your home, and the longer you let the problem go unaddressed, the more likely you will be to experience issues like clogging, rot, mold accumulation, and more.

Look Over Your Metal Chimney Components

Another indicator that chimney leaks are present (or will be soon) is rusted metal components. There are a few pieces of chimney anatomy that play a big part in keeping your system safer, but if they are outdated, incorrectly installed, or damaged, they won’t be able to do an effective job, and they will likely experience some rust and corrosion.

Which chimney parts should you check out? Well, definitely the chimney cap. This is the piece that covers the opening of your chimney, and it plays a huge part in keeping water (as well as animals, excess debris, and downdrafts) out of your chimney. A faulty cap will trigger all kinds of water damage in a hurry.

You’ll also want to look at the flashing, which is the metal piece that covers the area where your roof and chimney meet. This spot is especially vulnerable because the chimney masonry and the roofing materials expand and contract at different rates, leaving sizable openings throughout the process. If it isn’t sealed, water will be entering in no time!

These, along with your damper and chase cover, all help to keep your structure better protected from rain, snow, sleet, and the like, so be sure to check them over if you fear a leak is present. Missing one of these components? Talk with our team about getting a new piece installed right away! We’re qualified to set you up right.

Spot Any Cracking Or Crumbling?

Any signs of cracking or crumbling brickwork and/or mortar indicate that water is breaking things down and that you may be vulnerable to leaks. Keep a close eye on your structure, and be sure to get an expert’s eye on the situation if you’re worried about how things are looking. A qualified chimney professional can fix it up, then apply vapor-permeable waterproofing products that effectively seal the masonry, while allowing any pre-absorbed moisture to easily escape.

You’ll also want to make sure your crown is in good shape. The crown extends from the chimney’s opening at a slant, and it is meant to direct water out and away from the sides of your brickwork, ensuring the chimney stays as strong and sturdy as possible. If the crown is damaged, you’ll need on an expert on the job stat.

Check For Clogs & Obstructions

Excess moisture throughout your structure can lead to harmful clogs and build-up, so be on the look-out for these, as well. These may indicate excess water is present, or they could be signs of other issues, such as a missing cap or creosote accumulation. Regardless, having any clogs removed is a must! Your sweep can perform a thorough cleaning so that you can stress less when lighting fires in the weeks ahead.

Call Us For The Care & Protection You Deserve

Should you suspect a leak or water damage, the best course of action would be to call in a CSIA certified chimney sweep to perform an inspection. They will know exactly where to look and what to watch out for so that the problem can be found and resolved as quickly as possible. They’ll also know the best services to invest in so that you aren’t left experiencing the same issues again down the line.

Here at Ashbusters, we are licensed, insured, certified, and highly experienced. We take advantage of countless educational opportunities, ensuring we can tackle anything thrown our way, and our dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. Ready to experience our top-notch care for yourself? Call today!