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Small in number, but big in attractions, Gatlinburg is the perfect mix of small-town America and big city atmosphere. This unique town, nestled below the Great Smoky Mountains, offers a charming, walkable downtown with unique shops and local eateries, plenty of outdoor adventures and entertainment, and breathtaking natural beauty.

It’s a popular vacation spot, drawing in millions of people every year. So regardless of what time of year, you’ll always find something exciting to partake in. When it comes to providing a high quality of life, this is one place that goes above and beyond.

Let’s start with museums. Between the Hollywood Star Cars Museum, the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, you can learn quite a bit about a lot of different things. 

Looking to enjoy nature? Stop by Herbert Holt Park, Mynatt Park, or take a drive on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. And don’t forget about Great Smoky Mountains National Park that stretches into the town as well. But there’s no doubt, the best views are at Gatlinburg SkyPark, or the Gatlinburg Space Needle,

If you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping, stop by the Mysterious Mansion or Ober Mountain Adventure Park and Ski Area. And, if you need a drink or two after the experience, Gatlinburg has many wineries and distilleries to visit or tour, such as Ole Smoky Moonshine, Sugarland Cellars, Tennessee Shine Co., Sugarlands Distilling Company, and Tennessee Homemade Wines.

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Like the rest of the businesses here in town, we take great pride in providing Gatlinburg with the best care possible. Our team is known throughout the area for offering reliable chimney and dryer vent care when you need it most.

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We also offer quality dryer vent cleaning services.

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So if you’re in Gatlinburg, Greystone Heights, Chalet Village, Cartertown, Glade, McCookville, Norton Creek Ranch, Zion Grove, Williamsburg, Oldham, Conner Heights, Starkeytown, or any of the neighboring areas, we would love to help you! Give Ashbusters Chimney Service of Knoxville a call today at 865-448-4815 or schedule an appointment on our website.

9 Signs Your Chimney or Fireplace Needs Our Attention

Having a fireplace you can rely on to heat your home efficiently all winter long is great, isn’t it? But what if it doesn’t do its job? If you’re having problems with any of the following, it’s time to consider hiring a certified professional to come take a look: 

  1. Smoke Inside Your Home: The sole purpose of a chimney is to properly vent smoke and harmful gases from your home. So, if your chimney doesn’t seem to be doing its job properly, it could indicate a blockage or other issue that needs to be more closely inspected.
  2. You Notice Unpleasant Odors: Foul odors coming from the fireplace could be due to a number of reasons including creosote buildup, animal nests and droppings, or other debris. If there happens to also be a leak, you may smell a musty or damp odor as well. In order to prevent further damage from occurring, be sure to contact Ashbusters Chimney Service of Knoxville as soon as possible.
  3. Visible Creosote Buildup: Creosote is the black, sticky substance found in chimneys. It’s what naturally occurs when wood is burned and the combustible byproducts cool and condense in the chimney. So, even though some creosote is normal and can’t be avoided, excessive buildup of this substance poses serious risk of a chimney fire.
  4. Water Leaks: Any presence of water in the chimney, including rusty metal components or stains on the ceiling or walls near the fireplace, point to a water leak problem. As chimney professionals, we get serious anxiety about water leaks in a chimney because it can cause extensive damage to more than just your chimney and fireplace. We can help find the cause of the chimney leak and make all necessary repairs so you can enjoy your fireplace worry-free.
  5. Cracks Present in Chimney: Visible cracks, loose bricks, or crumbling mortar are common signs of general wear and tear and deterioration of your chimney. However, these seemingly minor issues should not be underestimated. Over time, these cracks will continue to get bigger, leading to underlying structural problems that are even more expensive to fix.
  6. Damaged or Missing Chimney Cap: Chimney caps were once viewed as an optional accessory for a chimney. But now, they are required because of the extra protection they provide from rain, snow, debris, and animals seeking shelter. A chimney cap also serves as a barrier against downdrafts, and it will help prevent sparks from escaping and lighting nearby materials on fire.
  7. Difficulty Starting or Maintaining a Fire: If you find that it’s taking longer to start a fire or if you’re having problems keeping a fire lit, it’s more than likely due to an issue with the draft in your chimney. Whether it’s a malfunctioning damper, blockage, or creosote buildup, we can conduct a thorough inspection to identify and address the specific issue you are having.
  8. Soot Buildup in Fireplace: If you’ve owned a fireplace for a while, you know soot is inevitable. However, excessive soot buildup is cause for concern because it not only takes away from an otherwise beautiful focal point, but it also poses potential risks to your home and health by increasing the chance of a chimney fire. If you’ve had your yearly chimney sweep and have noticed your fireplace collecting soot faster than normal, give us a call.
  9. Animals or Nesting Materials Present: Every year, as the temperature drops, animals desperately search for a warm shelter that will help keep them safe. Don’t let that be your chimney! Whether it’s birds, squirrels, raccoons, or other critters, let’s make sure we keep all unwanted guests from having full access to your home.

The team of Casey, Damion, and Brandon were wonderful, hard-working, and thorough. I would give them six stars if it was possible. Very professional, knowledgeable, and all-round good guys. A pleasure to be around them.

-William R.

Thanks for Depending on Our CSIA-Certified Team

If you are looking for quality chimney services, then you won’t want to rely on a team that isn’t CSIA-certified. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is a reputable nonprofit organization that sets the standard when it comes to training sweeps and educating homeowners about the proper maintenance and safety of their chimney systems. The CSIA has been serving members of this industry all across the country for close to four decades now.

Recertification for a CSIA-certified sweep is required every three years. You can bet that a sweep who is CSIA-certified will know their stuff, and they’ll be up to date on any advancements or new technology as well. It takes a lot of studying, test-taking, and hands-on learning, but once the certification process is complete, the technician will be able to serve their customer base to the highest standard possible.

If you want to ensure you get a qualified expert working on your chimney or dryer vent, then we’re the team to trust. We’re CSIA-certified and we offer a long list of chimney & dryer services, such as chimney sweepings, chimney inspections, and more. Our chimney repairs include chimney masonry services, chimney relining (HeatShield®), and chimney leak repairs. We also offer fireplace facelifts, gas service & repair, and dryer vent cleaning.

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There is no shortage of chimney companies in the area, but we believe that if you allow us the chance to prove ourselves once, you’ll see that we truly exceed them all. Serving homeowners on Cherokee Orchard Road, Bishop Lane, Newton Lane, Woliss Lane, Holly Ridge Road, School Drive, Baskins Creek Road, Circle Drive, Windswept Road, Hickory Lane, Roaring Fork Road, Tower Road, Clabo Loop, Ellis Ogle Road, Ely Road, Woodland Drive, Low Gap Road, Church Street, Silverbell Lane, Cherry Street, Loop Road, Arbon Drive, Baden Drive, and all throughout the surrounding areas is what we do best, and we would love to offer you exceptional care today.

If you live in Shady Grove, Fort Harry, Pigeon Forge, Elkmont, Little Cove, Seaton Spring, Lenoir City, or anywhere else in the surrounding area, please reach out to us today. Our number is 865-448-4815 or you can conveniently schedule an appointment online. We look forward to your call!


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