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Concerned about the state of your chimney? You may need a sweeping, some masonry repairs, or possibly a new liner. Whatever the case, we can help. If you live in or around Oak Ridge, Robertsville, Batley, Jackson Square, Emory Heights, Scarboro, Norwood, Emory Hills, Poplar, Oak Hills Estates, Marlow, Leedom, Seymour, Knoxville, or Gatlinburg, reach out to our team for service you can trust.

Oak Ridge started out as a secret and temporary city built in an effort to help end World War II, but ended up thriving and blossoming into one of Tennessee’s most loved areas. This safe, picturesque, and historically significant town is home to countless exciting events, and a wide range of shops, restaurants, and parks, as well.

As far as staying busy and entertained, there are lots of options to explore. You could check out the American Museum of Science & Energy, the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge, or Oak Ridge Art Center for an educational and insightful outing, or stop by a park or two to burn some energy. Some places for outdoor fun include Haw Ridge Park, the UT Arboretum, or the A.K. Bissell Park.

Ready to shop til you drop? There are lots of great shops to choose from such as The Ferrell Shop, Mott’’s Floral Design, Sassy Pants Sweets & Treats, Karen’s Jewelers, Through The Looking Glass, Southern Daughter Boutique, Southern Bliss Boutique, or Mia’s Gift Shop.

And there’s no limit to the good food you can enjoy in Oak Ridge, either. For a good meal, why not try out Aubrey’s, Dean’s Restaurant & Bakery, Big Ed’s Pizza, El Cantarito Mexican Restaurant, Jefferson Soda Fountain, Fulin’s Asian Cuisine, Hibachi Burger, The Other One, or Kume the next time you’re out and about?

Finally, consider relying on the team here at Ashbusters Chimney Service of Knoxville the next time you need chimney or dryer services. We are members of the NCSG, certified with the CSIA, and equipped with decades worth of experience, so you are sure to get the reliable care you deserve.

Why Are Chimney Liners Important? Their Three Main Purposes

In the past, many chimneys were not built with a chimney liner in place, but fortunately things have changed for the better in recent years. Nowadays, knowledgeable sweeps know that chimney liners are a must when it comes to operating a fireplace as safely and as efficiently as possible.

So, what are the main functions of a chimney liner? Well, the CSIA highlights three main things they contribute to your home…

First and foremost, they keep your brickwork and mortar from deteriorating. The acidic gases from your fireplace would break down your masonry pretty quickly if it weren’t for this extra layer of protection!

Next, a liner will keep heat from escaping the chimney and causing adjacent woodwork to catch fire. Some tests have shown fires starting in only a matter of hours in an unlined chimney!

Finally, a correctly fitted liner will ensure smoke, fumes, and other gases flow through your chimney as efficiently as possible, allowing you to get the most from your fireplace.

If you are at all concerned about what condition your liner is in, reach out to a certified tech today, so you can use your fireplace with ease and peace of mind all year long. Our team can handle chimney relining with HeatShield®, as well as many other chimney repairs, including chimney masonry services and chimney leak services.

We also do chimney sweepings, chimney inspections, fireplace facelifts, gas service & repair, and dryer vent cleaning. Interested in a new fireplace, stove, damper, cap, or something else? 

All in all, we are committed to helping fireplace owners on Robertsville Road, Ivanhoe Lane, Valparaiso Road, Villanova Road, Hillside Road, Tulsa Road, Badger Avenue, Woodbury Lane, Tiffin Drive, Tusculum Drive, Raleigh Road, Latimer Road, Virginia Road, Providence Road, Main Street, Wilson Street, Rice Road, Rutgers Avenue, Northwestern Avenue, Purdue Avenue, Manhattan Avenue, Liberty Court, and everywhere else in between.

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