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High-quality chimney and dryer care isn’t hard to find if you live in Knoxville, South Knoxville, Island Home, Coster Yards, Vestal, Park City, Marble City, Lincoln Park, Lonsdale, North Knoxville, Kingsley Station, Oak Ridge, Maryville, or anywhere else close by. Just call on our crew!

Knoxville serves a wide range of interests and lifestyles, and people are often surprised to learn how much it truly has to offer. In a state that is also home to the big and popular cities of Memphis and Nashville, Knoxville tends to get overlooked, but those of us who live here know how good we’ve got it!

With its fine cuisines, opportunities for adventure, and long list of museums, parks, historic sites, and other offerings, it’s easy to keep a smile on your face in Knoxville.

So, where to first? Zoo Knoxville is a great spot for family fun, as is the Sunsphere, the McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture, Knoxville Museum of Art, and The Muse Knoxville. There are also a number of historic homes to tour including Blount Mansion, James White’s Fort, Ramsey House, Crescent Bend, and more.

If you would like to spend the day exploring nature, then Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness would be an ideal place to start. Navitat is another great spot if you’d like to get in touch with your adventurous side — or spend the day peacefully exploring one of the area’s many parks like Admiral Farragut Park or Beverly Park.

Whether you’re just starting your day or need a break in the middle of it, a cup of coffee can help get you through anything. Check out K Brew, Old City Java, Awaken Coffee, or The Empty Cup today!

Ready to treat yourself? With shops like Agora, The Back Porch Mercantile, Bliss, Earth to Old City, POP Weasel Emporium, G&G Interiors, Aimee’s Bohemian Jewelry & Imports LLC, Boldure Gifts in the Old City, Fountain City Jewelers, International Flair Jewelers, and Bradley’s, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Then, grab a bite before heading home. With Altruda’s, Taste of Thai, Stock & Barrel, Sunspot, Sam & Andy’s, Seasons Innovative Bar & Grille, Myrtle’s Chicken + Beer, Nama Sushi Bar, Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, The Tomato Head, Emilia, J.C. Holdway Restaurant, and more, you’ll find something to love in no time.

Last but not least, it’s time to check in on the home front. Is your fireplace working as efficiently as it could be? If not, it’s time to call on the team at Ashbusters Chimney Service of Knoxville. Our dependable crew is CSIA-certified, highly experienced, and eager to bring you the highest quality services and products available.

Invest In Annual Inspections For A More Efficient Fireplace

What role does an annual inspection play in keeping your home and family more comfortable and better protected? Well, one thing your sweep is sure to check for is blockages and creosote accumulation. If your airflow is at all restricted, a number of issues could occur, such as smoke back-up, carbon monoxide exposure, inefficiency, and more.

Excess creosote will also increase your likelihood of experiencing a chimney fire. If too much is present, it must be removed promptly, otherwise your chimney will face some serious destruction. Chimney fires cause significant damage, and they make your fireplace unsafe to use, so don’t underestimate the importance of inspections and cleanings.

Another thing sweeps check for in their annual inspection is any damage. If your brickwork is cracked or broken, or if your mortar is crumbling at all, these things need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further decay. These gaps and openings also leave pathways for gases and sparks to escape into your home, which is obviously never good.

When it comes right down to it, paying for an inspection every year is always going to be more affordable than paying for expensive and avoidable repair work down the line. Our team of CSIA-certified experts is ready to get your next chimney inspection scheduled, and we can perform sweepings, repairs, facelifts, and more, as well. Our full service list includes the following chimney & dryer services:

No matter what type of fireplace you own, we’re here to help. Whether you live on College Street, Beaumont Avenue, Exeter Avenue, Lynn Avenue, University Avenue, Douglas Avenue, Deaderick Avenue, Boyd Street, Dora Street, Callaway Street, Woodland Avenue, Cornelia Street, Scott Avenue, Central Street, Emerald Avenue, Oak Hill Avenue, Churchwell Avenue, Oldham Avenue, Elm Street, Baxter Avenue, Harvey Street, Oglewood Avenue, Cecil Avenue, or somewhere else close by, our team is ready to take your call.

Our Experts Will Always Put Your Needs First

Why do homeowners in Burlington, Meades Quarry, North Hills, West Knoxville, Plantation Hills, Johnson Road, and the neighboring areas trust their chimneys and fireplaces to us each year? Because we consistently put them first! For better care, every time, call us at 865-470-6117. We’re here to help.


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